5 Benefits of CBD on Your Skin

By now, many people know of the numerous benefits that CBD products have on the human body. However, what many fail to realize is that the perks of using CBD on your skin (via CBD bath products such as those made by Fresh Bombs) are just as vast.


Beautiful Glow

Unlike many skin care products on the market, CBD has no harsh chemicals or man-contrived properties to alleviate one symptom while aggravating others. As such, it gives your skin an all-natural glow, without drying out or irritating your skin, or creating issues that prevent you from using certain makeups, lotions, or any of your other favorite skin care products. That means that, with products like Fresh Bombs bath salts or bath bombs, you can improve the look and feel of your skin just by bathing!

Beautiful Glow

Blemish Clearing

Despite being an “oil” used in bath products, CBD does not leave any oily residue on your skin. That means that it does not cause or create blemishes. In fact, it often HELPS with blemishes, even with chronic skin conditions such as acne or eczema.


Infusion of Vitamin C

One of the most important ingredients that is often left out of heavily-marketed skin care products is vitamin C. Even some of the ones that have it don’t have high enough concentrations to provide the benefits that vitamin C is supposed to. However, CBD bath bombs have TONS of vitamin C, which is why it is so great for the soft skin and the beautiful glow people love so much about them!


Skin Softening

As we just mentioned, CBD is a wonderful skin-softener. CBD oil gives skin a soft, silky feel, without all the greasy, oily residue left behind by many lotions and other skin care products.



Thanks to the vitamin C, the softening oil and the all-natural hemp-based derivatives in CBD oil, it smooths out wrinkles, evens out skin tones, and makes your skin look (and feel) younger, especially with extended use!



These are just a few of the benefits your skin can gain by using CBD bath products and oil. For more insight into the awesomeness of CBD, check out the Fresh Bombs FAQ page. There, we answer many of the most commonly asked questions about CBD bath products!


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