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Many different essential oils can be used in all types of bath products, including bath bombs. Some fragrances are simply pleasant, while others have specific effects on your mind, body and skin.

Listed below are five of the most popular fragrance, and some of the reasons why they’re such big hits.


Eucalyptus oil, especially in combination with any of the other mint essential oils, helps open up your sinuses. When blended with CBD, especially in certain bath products, it helps alleviate acute symptoms of asthma and other respiratory conditions. Eucalyptus oil also aids CBD in the relief of pain, both in the muscles and in the joints.

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Roses have always represented love. Using bath products, especially CBD bath bombs containing rose oil, can help kindle your passion for romance, and even give your libido a healthy boost! People use it as an aphrodisiac or simply for the sweet, romantic fragrance.

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Lemongrass is an excellent energy booster! Many of our customers use our lemongrass bath bombs whenever they need an extra dose of energy or a bit of a mood lift. Lemongrass is an excellent, all-natural boost when needed most, and it infuses your skin with a healthy dose of Vitamin C in the process!

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Rosemary can either be used alone in bath bombs for its wonderful scent and refreshing feel, but it is also often used with lavender oils for a relaxing, soothing effect. Rosemary also leaves a pleasant tingle on your skin, helping it feel nice and cool.

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For years, lavender has been used in incense, potpourris, and even in food and drinks to help calm and soothe us. All these products (naturally) use lavender essential oil. CBD products used in conjunction with lavender (particularly bath products) help settle frazzled nerve, relax tense muscles, and gently coax our bodies into a restful state.

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