5 Uses for CBD Manicure Cubes

Manicures have always helped make hands softer, nails healthier and prettier, and served as a weekly relaxation treat for many people. Now, with CBD infused products, manicures can do even more than just that! Fresh Bombs makes manicure cubes that help you realize that you DESERVE a manicure, and not just for the way they make your hands look.

Below, we’ve listed five types of CBD manicure cubes (the ones we offer, in fact!), and their individual uses



The anti-fungal manicure treatment has, as its name suggests, properties that help with symptoms of nail fungus. Once upon a time, nail fungus conditions could only be treated by doctors. Traditional manicures might help to an extent, but the fungus condition itself required specific medical treatment because its exact cause(s) and symptoms had to be properly diagnosed.

Today, though, companies have found ways to inject fungus into many medications and OTC treatments, including (of course) manicure products. Some of them have tea tree oil, which has antifungal properties (among others) to help attack the fungus externally. Treatments like ours contain oregano and spearmint (as well as a base of coconut oil, like many of our other products), and, of course, CBD.

Our CBD infused formula is not only antifungal, it also has antimicrobial, antiviral, and anti-inflammatory properties. However, it doesn’t just work on the nail surface! The CBD helps serve as an immune system booster, which helps your body fight off the fungus from the inside out!


Nail Strengthening

Products to strengthen nails have been around almost as long as manicures have. However, many of those products were once made with chemicals that had many other effects besides just nail strengthening (and many of those effects were not good!).

The development of aromatherapy and all-natural manicure products changed all that! These products help give you stronger nails in a gentle, harmless fashion, without all the extra hoopla. We use cypress and lemon oils, which help the CBD strengthen nails (cuticles, too!) and making your manicure last as long as it possibly can!


Pain Relief

Conditions like arthritis and carpal tunnel are prominent, affecting hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. Working with your hands often becomes too painful too quickly with conditions like these (and others, too, of course). Traditional manicures often help for a couple of hours afterward because your hands soaked in warm, sweet-smelling water, got a great massage, and had someone gently pampering your hands. However, a brief reprieve was all you could expect.

With the creation of aromatherapy and CBD products, companies discovered the pain relief properties in certain essential oils and extracts. Things like wintergreen and peppermint serve as natural analgesics which, as many people know is a numbing agent. The CBD oil from the Fresh Bombs manicure cubes also soaks deep into your skin, rather than penetrating only the first 1-2 layers, which means that it aids in the relief of swelling and pain longer and more completely than many other OTC treatments.


Sensitive Skin

For years, many people avoided manicures because the chemicals used irritated sensitive skin. Now, not only are there products that help soothe easily-irritated skin, there are those designed especially FOR people with sensitive skin. These CBD products eliminate the risk of allergic reactions and skin irritations that once plagued sensitive-skinned people. With that in mind, we formulated a simple lavender manicure treatment that provides immediate relief to a variety of skin inflammations and irritations.


Skin Healing

We’ve come up with a pleasant blend of oils (bergamot, sweet almond, helichrysum and dead sea salt) to help heal and soothe even the toughest skin conditions. Similar to sensitive skin (as we mentioned above), conditions like eczema can make manicures unpleasant, or even impossible. With all-natural treatments like these, even people with severe eczema and similar conditions can enjoy (and even experience a bit of healing from) manicures!



It may seem frivolous to some people to get manicures. It may seem more so to use “fancy” soaps, salts or cubes. However, the Fresh Bombs mani cubes do much more than just make for pretty nails (although they do that, too). They help your skin not only feel better, but get better, as well!


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