CBD Coffee- Like it or Love it

CBD is a product that has generated all kinds of hype in recent years. Many people are all FOR CBD; others can’t distinguish this cannabinoid from THC, and therefore consider it to be just another form of THC.

However, those people are wrong (the latter, not the former!). This common misconception is one reason why the debate of CBD’s positive effects still rages so strongly, especially as they relate to CBD caffeinated drinks. We want to assure our customers that, as with all CBD products, things like CBD infused coffee are not only safe, they are also good (and smart) for your health.



First, as with all other products that contain CBD (a.k.a. cannabidiol), CBD coffee aids in the relief of pain, inflammation, anxiety, restlessness, etc. The extra benefit that coffee infused with CBD brings to the table is the much-needed alert feeling (you know, the reason so many people drink coffee in the first place!). The difference is that the CBD in the brew removes that jittery feeling that many people experience after drinking highly-caffeinated beverages. So, you feel awake and ready for the day, but also calm and relaxed, instead of shaky with a racing heart.

Second, CBD coffee does NOT contain any THC. As with all other CBD products, this type of special coffee contains only pure CBD, which (as many people know by now) does NOT get people high. The THC in other marijuana-derived products is what creates that high or stoned feeling. And no, the caffeine in coffee (nor any of the coffee bean’s other components) does NOT serve as an “activator” for some hidden “stash” of THC in CBD. Again, there is NO THC to “activate,” making such a feat impossible.

Third, as we mentioned above, the CBD helps calm and soothe. However, it does NOT overpower the caffeine’s effects, rendering it pointless to consume. Rather, both the coffee and the CBD oil work harmoniously, offering their respective effects without one overwhelming the other. And, neither one causes the other to wear off more quickly than they would if consumed or used separately. In fact, some say that the effects of both compounds last a little longer than normal because they play so well together!

Fourth, this CBD product differs entirely from what people call marijuana coffee (yes, there IS such a coffee, and it’s probably exactly what you think it is). This marijuana coffee also contains CBD, but it also has THC in it. While this coffee WILL get you high, it doesn’t offer quite the same benefits that its CBD-only cousin does.

The list goes on practically forever, but we’re choosing to stop here, and let you judge CBD coffee for yourself!



Honestly? None, as far as we can tell! And that’s not just us being biased, we promise! No one has ever reported CBD coffee as psychoactive (as we already discussed), having ANY negative side effects (although mentioning its use to your doctor beforehand never hurts!), causing any bad interactions with any other medications/products, or having any nasty after-effects (like alcohol can sometimes leave behind a hangover). The people who have complaints about CBD products are those who still, as yet, have not even tried it, but insist that it’s either too good to be true, or it’s chock full of THC. As we’ve (hopefully) proven, they are quite wrong!


Why Should I Drink CBD Infused Coffee?

Besides because it is amazing? Well, coffee with CBD oil was created, as we mentioned above, for those who need a little energy boost before, or during, their day, without the jitteriness or antsiness of pure caffeine. While coffee often does an excellent job of giving a great boost of energy on its own (we at Fresh Bombs love coffee), it can often leave people feeling out-of-sorts, shaky, or even nervous.

In a nutshell, CBD coffee is for those who enjoy an extra zip in their doodah, without any unnecessary zip-pah-dee-day. With CBD infused coffee, you get all the extra get-up you need to start (or continue) your day, and none of the “go, go, go!” you feel from products containing strictly caffeine.



With its ability to refresh your energy, without creating a case of the jitters, how could CBD infused coffee be anything but great! BUT, that IS just our opinion, and we know that the best way for you to decide for yourself if CBD drinks and other CBD infused products are right for you is to… well, to try them for yourself!

NOTE: none of the info in this article is intended for our readers and customers to use as substitution for the advice of your medical professional or dietician. As with any change or addition to your routine or diet, before you dive head first, you should ALWAYS consult the professional you trust. Only THEY have the information necessary to help you decide whether making changes to your diet and/or lifestyle will conflict with your current routine. So please, once you decide you are interested in CBD coffee, make sure they give you the green light to proceed!


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