CBD Fizzy Dust

Although they make a great choice for bath time for kids (and for adults who like a colorful bath!), CBD bath bombs aren’t the only bath products available. People are rapidly expanding on the CBD bath product market with things like bubble bath, oils you can put directly into your bath water, and bath salts.

We at Fresh Bombs LOVE ALL things CBD bath related. However, today, we’d like to discuss one such type of product here: CBD fizzy dust.


What IS Fizzy Dust?

It is basically exactly what its name suggests. It is a product that, when introduced to water, creates a soft fizzing sound and sensation. This dust, unlike the crystals in bath salts, dissolves rather quickly and leaves behind no sticky or slimy residue. However, although it does dissipate fast, its effects on your body as you bathe do not. The properties for which you sought your CBD bath product absorb into your body through you skin, so its effects will last long after you’re done bathing.


How Does Fizzy Dust Differ?

As we mentioned above, fizzy dust dissolves more quickly in bath water than bombs or salt. The biggest difference, however, is the “fizz” part. Whereas CBD bath salts and powders do not fizz, the fizzy dust actually does. It bubbles in a way similar to CBD bath bombs, but a bit more rapidly. It’s sort of an in-between products of bath bombs and bath powder, if you will.


Best Types of Fizzy Dust

Depending on your mood, energy levels or physical ailment, the type of dust (as with any bath product) that is best for you will probably vary. However, some of the most common ones include those for pain and inflammation, those to help you sleep, those that offer a slight boost of energy, and those that smooth and soften skin.

Here, we must admit just a LITTLE bias, because OUR faves are the ones we have here for sale! Before you think too badly of us for that bias, though, let us explain what we have and why it’s so awesome!

  • Pain Reliever: contains eucalyptus, wintergreen and peppermint oils, as well as its base oil (coconut) and Epsom salt. The minty scented pain relief properties give your skin a nice, pleasant tingle and soak into your skin, reaching deep into sore muscle and angry joints and bones.
  • Peace and Love: Ylang Ylang and coconut essential oils. This dust is bamboo scented, and it serves a great natural “romance” booster, similar to our “Peace and Love” bath bombs.
  • YoGrass: Hawaiian Black salt and Neroli. This dust, with its base coconut oil, gives off a tropical, lemongrass kiwi fragrance. It soothes your mind and soul (as well as your body) and feels a little bit like a mini vacation!
  • Shea Skin Healer: Bergamot and helichrysum oils, as well as Himalayan Pink salt. This is one of our products that has something else (Shea butter) as its base oil, rather than coconut. As such, the components blend to create a citrus fragrance, and serve to smooth your skin and remoisturize your entire body! It makes your skin so soft and might be used well in combination with Peace and Love for a sexy romantic evening!


Bottom line: CBD fizzy dust is awesome! It is a particular hit with younger kids, because of its fizziness. And, as with all our other CBD bath products, it also comes in a variety of wonderful fragrances and bright colors to appeal to anyone’s taste! Check out the Fresh Bombs fizzy dust selection, as well as all our other CBD bath powders and salts!

NOTE: Although CBD infused products are 100% safe, and our bath products are made with all-natural, non toxic ingredients, PLEASE be sure to supervise your children when allowing them to bathe in CBD bath products. Even non toxic products are not for consumption, and they could upset your angels’ tummies. Be sure to keep an eye on your kids while they bathe with CBD bath products.


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