CBD: Good or Evil?

With the drastic rise in interest in CBD products, and the number of CBD infused items growing rapidly (almost daily), one question seems to linger and stand out among all others regarding this cannabinoid: is it REALLY good for you, or is there a downside to it after all?

Naturally, WE believe it’s amazing! However, below, we will explain specific reasons WHY we think so (and forgive us if we get a little technical from time to time!). This way, we can give you the most accurate information to which we have access, as WELL as our personal opinions!


CBD: The “Bad News”

First of all, let’s start with the bad “news” related to CBD. Some people worry because so few official studies have been done on CBD and its effects on the body. However, obviously SOME studies have been done, or no one would have ANY of the information on CBD and CBD products that we have today. Therefore, the knowledge that’s been shared on the internet about how great CBD can be and the reasons WHY can’t be too far wrong.

Also, look at testimonials and customer reviews. It’s hard to argue with so many who are people pleased with CBD and the results produced by using CBD products. Of course, we know that not EVERYONE will have the same opinions (and that opinions are just that: opinions, and that everyone has one), but on a general-consensus basis, the good results of, and positive word about, CBD speak for themselves.

Another concern of the general public is the gradual increase of reported side effects. Things like dry mouth, dizziness and/or drowsiness experienced by a small percentage of people who use CBD make people nervous. HOWEVER, as we just mentioned, these side effects have only been reported by a SMALL NUMBER of CBD users, the severity was very mild (compared to MANY OTC medications some people take on a regular basis), and they never lasted very long. Also, some people who gave CBD more than one chance said that the symptoms tapered off to nonexistent with each use of CBD products.


The “Good News”

The good news is that the aforementioned “side effects” are rarely experienced and, even when they are, it is only the first time or two that people consume CBD. Which really, if you think about it, is no different than any medication or supplement (prescription OR OTC) that you take. However, that can still make some people hesitant. But, there are also CBD products that do NOT cause any of the dizziness or “cottonmouth” experienced by some people who orally consume CBD infused products. Those are the CBD infused bath products!

The Fresh Bombs team can personally vouch for the lack of negative side effects caused by CBD bath stuff. And, we promise, we don’t just say that because we sell the products! We know how scary it can be to try something new, especially when that “something new” is still relatively controversial. So, we ensure that we make only the best, most reliable CBD bath bombs, powders and salts, so that our customers’ EVERY experience, from the very first one on, is as smooth, amazing and beneficial as it can possibly be, without any discomfort or side effects.



Basically, what we’re saying is that, while some “side effects” DO seem to exist in a few CBD users, none so far have been life threatening, and NONE have been severe enough to deter people from using CBD, OR to keep them from benefiting from CBD. Since it is all-natural, it does NOT run the risk of having the same negative effects that chemically-created and/or altered products do. At the end of the day, we still love CBD, and we feel that everyone who gives it a chance will, too!

We want to remind you to speak with your physician if you are uncertain about any side effects of CBD, or if you experience any side effects. While it is extremely rare, it is possible that you have an allergy to CBD, and any discomfort or complications should be discussed directly with your doctor immediately. While we strive to give our readers and customers only the most accurate information from the most thorough of research scouring, we cannot account for every single individual’s unique case. As with any other change you make to your lifestyle, you should consult your physician before, and during, CBD use. And, of course, if you purchase any CBD bath products from Fresh Bombs, and you are not 100% satisfied, you can always contact us, and we will take every measure possible to rectify the situation!


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