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We at Fresh Bombs are, obviously, HUGE fans of CBD. We don’t mean to play devil’s advocate by praising it so highly (or, maybe we do, but not with any malice, we promise!), but we really DO believe in all its positive qualities. The Fresh Bombs team knows for a fact how well it works (after all, it’s kind of our business to know and understand how it works so we can provide the best quality CBD products possible), and we want to share as much as we know about it with you, our loyal customers!

To do that, we’ve created this comprehensive CBD information guide, to give you a quick, reliable point of reference when deciding whether CBD is right for you.


What CBD Is

We’ve given brief explanations in some of our other posts, but here, we’d like to be a little more specific (or scientific, if you will). CBD, which is short for cannabidiol, is a cannabinoid derived from marijuana plants. It is quite similar to THC, as we’ve explained, in that they both have very similar effects on your mood and physical well-being. However, CBD does NOT get you stoned or give you any other sort of psychoactive “high” feeling, like traditional marijuana and other drugs do. Hemp-derived CBD (the kind we use in our products) has zero traces of THC, which is WHY it can’t make you feel high or make you “trip.”

What CBD Does

We could talk about this forever! In fact, perhaps we will (just not all in this post)! For starters, it does very well when it comes to pain relief. From acute body aches and sore muscles to chronic pains and certain pain-causing disorders and conditions, CBD oil works like a dream to ease that pain and relax your body. It’s even rumored to be useful for certain kinds of cancers, not just in symptom relief, but in the management of the cancer itself.

It’s also fantastic for anxiety. Again, like its cousin, THC, it calms your mind and eases stress. And again, UNLIKE its cousin, it does not make you high and foggy-headed. It DOES, however, release the “feel-good” chemicals in your brain, boosting your brain’s ability to fight against the imbalances that often accompany mental issues like depression and anxiety. That means that its calming effects are not temporary, but accumulative, especially with frequent use.

PLEASE NOTE: We ARE CBD enthusiasts, but we are NOT DOCTORS! Do NOT take our advice as concrete medical advice. We must caution you to consult with your doctor BEFORE making regular use of CBD. And, for those of you who have used it once or twice (i.e., in bath products), don’t panic! 1-2 uses aren’t something about which to run frantically to your doctor. We just mean that, if you intend to consume or use CBD products on a regular basis, just get the go-ahead from your physician first. This compound has NO known negative side effects, but always err on the side of caution!


CBD in Bath Products

Although CBD is easy-to-use in all its forms, bath products are probably one of the easiest ways (perhaps even THE easiest way) to use CBD. After all, how much easier does it get than dropping some in bath water as the tub fills and stepping in? Many CBD bath products also smell heavenly, and the fragrances linger on your skin for hours (without overpowering people around you). Plus, the effects of the CBD, and the other oils used in these products, last far beyond your bath. You’ll feel just as good as you did when you first stepped out of the tub all day long. Used daily, you’ll begin to feel good as soon as you wake up, before you even get back in the tub!



Overall, CBD is a fantastic product. After all, what could be better than a 100% all-natural solution for everyday aches, pains and stresses, especially when it can smell so much like heaven! CBD products offer exactly that, and so much more. And we at Fresh Bombs are honored to play our part in the aromatherapy CBD bath bombs and products movement! We offer our customers the best CBD bath bombs, bath salts, and even manicure and pedicure cubes!

We want to emphasize, as we mentioned above, that none of the advice in this post, or ANY of our blog posts, is intended for use as sound medical advice. You should always, ALWAYS, speak with your doctor before making any changes to your routine or lifestyle that might interfere with any medications or treatments currently utilized or prescribed. Even though CBD IS all-natural, and has no known side effects (except the awesome ones we described above), it is always best to consult with your doctor first.


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