How Long Does It Take CBD to Work?

Have you ever had customers who were curious about CBD products, but skeptical about its uses and results? Have any of them ever asked you how long it takes CBD to take effect? Do you yourself wonder that same thing? We have answers!


When Does CBD Start Working?

Well… that is a more difficult question to answer. Why? Because it all depends on the type of CBD products you use, when/how you use them, and with what you take/use them. We know, that sounds like an awfully difficult pain, but we did a great deal of the legwork for you! We at Fresh Bombs did some research, read some customer reviews, and, of course, asked some of our best customers to determine the best and easiest ways to answer this question and completely and accurately as we possibly could. Even something as simple as the milligram or dosage of CBD could affect the time frame, which means that the higher the amount, the faster it will likely begin working.

Also, it depends on whether you are asking for yourself (an adult), a child or a pet. Kids’ CBD bath products are likely to begin working faster, because children have not yet been exposed to the same chemicals, medications, supplements, etc., as adults have. Therefore, anything you give them or expose them to will react/kick in faster than it would for any adult. The same goes for pets. They are typically accustomed to the same kinds of remedies/medications that we are, and will therefore respond much faster than we would.


Which CBD Products Work the Fastest?

Well, that question, too, is impossible to answer in just a few words. Never fear, however! We have created a list of the most popular CBD products, and the estimated lengths of time they require to take effect.

  • Smoking/vaping-for those who prefer inhaling the awesomeness that is CBD, you can expect the compound to take effect within about 10-15 minutes. The CBD goes straight into your lungs (as would anything you smoke/vape, and therefore have direct access to your bloodstream.
  • Edibles-these depend on whether you consume these on an empty stomach. If you do, they should take about half an hour to kick in. If, however, you’ve eaten anything or consumed a vast amount of liquid, they could take up to about two hours to take effect. The reason being, just as with any other medication or supplement you take, having a full/empty stomach affects the rate at which your body absorbs the CBD. For instance, if you have recently eaten, that will slow your body’s rate of absorption. If you have not, it will speed it along.
  • CBD bath products-These are a little bit trickier. Why? Because it all depends on the amount of physical activity you do after bathing with them, or how much you have left in your day. For example, if you take a bath in the morning with CBD bath bombs, CBD fizzy dust, or any CBD infused bath salts or powders, and you have to go to work, they may kick in more slowly, based on the amount of rushing and going you do at your job. Or, more specifically, you may not notice the soothing effects of the CBD until you have a moment to be still and relax. On the other hand, if you use CBD bath stuff in the morning on a day off, or at night just before bed, you may notice the effects right away, and not even notice that you have drifted off to sleep until you wake up the next morning.
  • CBD beverages-much like the edibles, these depend a great deal on whether you have eaten. However, since beverages, such as CBD infused coffee, are liquid, they will naturally hit your stomach faster than food, which may speed up the time they take to absorb into your system. If you are an avid coffee drinker in the mornings, and insist on that first cup of joe before anything else hits your stomach, the CBD in specially made coffee beans will likely take effect almost immediately (or at least within 10 minutes or so). If you prefer your caffeine WITH your breakfast, it could take a half hour or so.

PLEASE NOTE: the above list was compiled according to average numbers based on doses indicated on the packaging of your CBD product, as well as on the average CBD consumer. These may not indicate precisely how long the product with take to kick in for YOU, but they should give you a good basic guideline.


Which CBD Products Last the Longest?

Based on the list above, we created another list, explaining how long each method of CBD consumption can (on average) be expected to last:

  • Inhalation-should last about 2-3 hours
  • Edibles-as we mentioned above, this depends on when you eat. Edibles can last anywhere from four to six hours, or MORE, again depending on when you eat, what you eat and how much.
  • Bath products-these can last anywhere from a couple hours to an entire day/night, depending on the amount of physical activity in which you participate and when you use them. We mentioned in the previous section that those who use bath products just before bed often experience an extended period of benefits from the CBD, because you are lying still and, well, you are asleep (which of course means that you get some of the best sleep you have probably ever had).
  • Drinks-Again, like the edibles, it all depends on what else you have in your stomach (and in your system) alongside the CBD. Drinks with CBD can sometimes start to take effect almost immediately and last for several hours (about the amount of time you would expect caffeine to last), or they can last for just 1-2 hours, again depending on the amount of activity you have going on.

Does This Apply for Everyone?

Probably not. As with any other… well, anything, it depends a great deal on your lifestyle, body type, weight and level of physical activity. It will likely also depend, as we said, on whatever you have eaten/drank, or any other medications or drugs you have taken. That said, the above guideline is an approximation of the averages comprised from studies done on people interested in and using CBD infused products, and should be used as such, NOT as a strict, 100% gospel guide. If you are still uncertain, or have any questions, be sure to do your homework. You can never know too much!



There is not one single straight answer for you, as a dispensary owner, to give your clients and customers about just how long it takes for products with CBD to take effect. However, with the guideline we created above, it should make things a bit clearer for you, so that you can give your clientele the best, most educated and informed answers possible.


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