Did you know that the CBD industry is expected to grow to over $20 billion by 2024? If you’re looking to break into the CBD industry, FreshBombs can help.

FreshBombs manufactures high-quality CBD products for your store, salon, or spa. We specialize in crafting safe, effective, natural CBD-infused products that ease pain and promote relaxation. Bath bombs, CBD oils, mani-pedi accessories, bath salts, edibles, drinks: we make the CBD products your clients are looking for.

And when you buy one of our wholesale packages to distribute to your clients, you can be the CBD entrepreneur you’ve been dreaming of.

Build Your CBD Business with Wholesale CBD Products You Can Trust

Are you a CBD entrepreneur looking to break into the business? You need eye-catching, high-quality CBD products that you can sell to your clients. That’s where FreshBombs comes in.


About the CBD industry

If you’re reading our blog, there’s a good chance you know a little bit about CBD already! CBD, or cannabidiol, is a compound that can be extracted from hemp or marijuana. Unlike THC, the primary element in marijuana that gets you high, CBD is non-psychoactive, and it doesn’t put any harmful or illegal ingredients into your system. CBD can, however, treat discomfort, alleviate pain, and aid in relaxation.

The benefits of CBD have helped build an entire industry that provides CBD-infused products. CBD and CBD-infused products range from beauty items, drinks and edibles, bath and spa products, and much more


The CBD industry is growing

The CBD industry is expected to hit over $20 billion by 2024 — do you want to be a part of that growth? It’s grown in popularity, and nearly 10% of Americans use CBD products regularly. 14 more percent say they’ve tried CBD products and plan to use them in the future. All of this means one thing: CBD is in demand. If you’re looking to grow your CBD retail store or to stock your salon and spa with these products, now is the time.


Why Fresh bombs?


We offer exclusive wholesale pricing that will allow you to earn great returns on our fast-selling products

We’ve paired the most competitive pricing with the highest quality product. Earn great returns, fast.


We offer the best customer support in the industry. Our staff loves our retailers and will always be attentive to any Questions, comments or concerns – our knowledgeable staff has you covered!


Our CBD treatments are made from the highest quality, all-natural CBD, and are lab tested for quality assurance! We provide COA's (Certificate of Analysis).

Rest assured, you’ve got the best of the best.


We proudly manufacture our products in Miami Florida, by choosing only USA vendors we maintain high quality of products and form the other hand help to support the economy

Why choose wholesale CBD products from FreshBombs?

FreshBombs specializes in crafting high-quality CBD spa treatments for retail and wholesale. We’re passionate about helping customers and entrepreneurs enjoy the various benefits of CBD products. We’re CBD fans ourselves, and we want to make sure that people use CBD products that are completely safe, natural, effective, and of the highest quality.


What FreshBombs can do for you

Interested in becoming a distributor of CBD products? We’ve done all the heavy lifting for you with our wholesale packages. Choose from beginner, professional, and advanced CBD packages, which include a variety of CBD products that are sure to please your future clients. Need a customized CBD wholesale package to suit your needs? We offer white label and private label services, so you can truly make every FreshBombs product your own.

To learn more about FreshBombs, check out our product catalog on our website, or contact us with your questions!

To learn more about FreshBombs, head to freshbombs.com, or give us a call at 1-866-318-0474.


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