Is CBD Good for Stress?

As a dispensary owner, you get many kinds of customers with varying tastes and needs. You also likely get many questions about your products, some of which you may not know exactly how to answer. With CBD still a relatively new (to the market) product, many dispensary owners get more questions about it than about any other product or service. People wonder about how safe CBD is, as well as how effective it truly is, and what praise of the product is accurate, and what is myth.

One of the most common questions we’ve heard is: is CBD good for stress? In this piece, we’ve answered that question, and we went a step further. We’ve explained WHY the answer is what it is, so you, as a dispensary owner, can be fully informed on the subject.


Is CBD Good for Stress?

The answer is most definitely yes! In fact, it is all the rage among today’s all-natural and aromatherapies for stress and anxiety. CBD infused products can do many things, in many different ways and with many different methods to enjoy it, for all kinds of stress. That is actually one of its most popular uses, aside from pain relief.

You see, as a cannabinoid, which is a component derived from marijuana or hemp, it works with our cannabinoid receptors. This allows the natural chemicals in our brain to release “feel-good” sensations throughout our body, which effectively override the tension and angst we feel whenever times get difficult. It also gives our serotonin a natural (not drug or other mind-altering substance related) increase, which makes us feel more energized.

However, as we’ve mentioned in previous blog posts, CBD does NOT create a “high,” like THC, despite it being derived from the same plant. That is because CBD products have NO MORE than .03% THC, which is the component in marijuana that makes people high.


What Does CBD Do for Stress?

What doesn’t it do? As we mentioned above, it is a most popular remedy for anxiety and everyday stress these days. However, the products into which the CBD is infused mean that each one may do something a little bit different.

For instance, CBD bath bombs offer a sweet-smelling, relaxing bath after a long, trying day. CBD coffee and other CBD infused beverages, particularly those with caffeine, give you the energy customers seek from caffeinated drinks, without the risk of feeling jittery or shaky until the caffeine wears off. Edible products, such as candies, oral strips, etc., allow CBD oil fans to enjoy a breath of calm at anytime during their day, without added sluggishness or energy drain.


What Can CBD Do for MY Stress?

That depends a great deal on the kind of stress from which you suffer. Some people’s stress is sudden or occasional, stemming from particularly stressful days or weeks at work, with family or in times of great stress. However, some of the people seeking CBD’s amazing properties struggle with long-term, chronic anxiety disorders or fatigue syndromes.

The type of stress for which you seek relief will determine which CBD products are best suited for you. For example, aromatherapy and specially made CBD bath products have long been used to help relax and alleviate pain. Things like CBD bath bombs, bath salts with CBD, CBD pedicure baths and manicure baths, etc., combine the wonders of aromatic therapies with all-natural CBD, for fresh bath products that that really ARE good for stress.



CBD is definitely great for stress. Whether your stress is acute or you suffer from chronic fatigue and anxiety, CBD is a great solution. Typically, we must choose between total relaxation and bursts of energy. CBD allows both, without any excess of either one. In other words, CBD oil offers a nice balance of energy and calming, no matter what time of day. And the best parts are, it is all-natural, it comes from a plant everyone knows well, and it does not have any sort of psychoactive effects, so there is no danger of any scary highs for which you did not go searching.

So, the next time a customer asks you about CBD benefits and its usefulness for stress, you can answer with confidence, and direct them to some CBD bath products that you can purchase for sale in your store on the Fresh Bombs site!


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