Is it Bad to Use CBD Every Day?

As a distributor, you probably see your fair share of hesitant or reluctant potential customers. That’s because your clients have clients of their own, and they are often a picky lot. Many of your customers’ clients want to know things like, “Is it bad to use CBD every day?” Now, you can answer that question and put your customers’ (and potential customers’) minds to rest! Below, we’ve explained the answer to this question, and listed five reasons why.


CBD Does Not Cause Paranoia

For those of you who use THC, or know someone who does, you are likely familiar with the “stoner paranoia” that some people experience. This paranoia is related to the psychoactive effects of marijuana, and has everything to do with the way the “weed” interacts with people’s cannabinoid receptors (and, perhaps, a little to do with the particular strain or type of the plant). It is, perhaps, one of the most unpleasant effects of pot (after all, who likes to feel paranoid?).

However, since hemp-derived CBD oil does not contain anywhere near enough THC to get people “high,” there are absolutely zero psychoactive effects. It reacts with your cannabinoid in a whole different way, which does NOT include that terrible feeling that everyone is watching, judging, or laughing at you. Therefore, you won’t be looking over your shoulder or asking the people around you “what?” every five seconds and ACTUALLY drawing attention to yourself.


CBD Eases Anger

Are you familiar the frustration of dealing with rush hour traffic, especially when it is making you late getting somewhere? Do you have a serious lack of patience for Monday’s? Are you tired of work stresses piling up so high that your temper flares at every turn?

CBD infused products help with that! It provides you with a nice, peaceful calm that erases that anger. No, not a sleepy calm. Just the sort of devil-may-care relaxation that allows you to smile, whereas you might normally want to scream or throw things. That awful traffic or pain-in-the-posterior Monday’s will plague you no longer!


Drug Tests are Oblivious to CBD

That’s right! Although CBD IS a component of the marijuana plant, the CBD oil itself is not a drug. It is merely one of many compounds that can be extracted from marijuana. As we’ve mentioned before (both here and in previous blogs), CBD does not contain THC. So, while marijuana ALWAYS shows up in a drug test, hemp-derived CBD does not! So, you will never have to fear losing your job, or getting into trouble with law enforcement.

PLEASE NOTE: While each state mandates its own laws regarding CBD consumption and purchase, the type of CBD used in the products you buy may have different federal regulations. PLEASE be sure to do your research and determine not only the laws in your state, but those at the federal level, as well. CBD is still a bit controversial, and you MUST know all the specifics!


CBD Does NOT Intrude on Your Daily Routine

Again, we will make a comparison to marijuana. While weed-consumers typically have to stop everything they are doing, ensure that no one who disapproves of said consumption is not around, or prep their respective consumption methods, CBD oil is not at all so complex. There are many ways to use CBD, including CBD bath bombs and salts, drinks, vapes and edibles, all of which make CBD use quick and easy. You can sip CBD infused coffee on the way to work, enjoy a soak in a bath with CBD bath products, or pop a CBD oil candy in your mouth at lunchtime. Plus, as we mentioned, it is not considered as taboo as marijuana, nor are there as many state-wide restrictions placed on it as the plant from which it is derived. Therefore, there is no need to hide your use of it, which can help put your mind at ease!


CBD Prevents Your Mind From Wandering

In the hustle of work, home, socializing, and other aspects of life, it is often difficult to focus on one task at a time. It can be especially hard if you work on projects alone, rather than in a team, or if you sit/stand still for long periods of time. People mistakenly believe that marijuana will positively help the focus problem. In some cases, that may be true. However, many people find that, because of the altered sense of time that the marijuana high can cause, they actually “focused” on a task for much longer than they realized.

CBD does not present that issue. As with the relaxation CBD oil products offer, it settles your restless mind, without any sluggish sensation, feelings of surreality, or any of the other mind-altering effects often created by pot. Basically, you get all the benefits about which regular marijuana users sing, without any of the negative effects that would peg you as a “stoner.”



Because CBD is derived from a plant (which makes it 100% all-natural), the answer is: yes, CBD IS safe to use every day. Unlike THC, CBD does NOT have any psychoactive properties, which means that not only does it not get you high, it also bears NO risk of becoming addicted to it OR of causing interactions with any other medications or treatment regimens you may be utilizing.

So, when your nervous customers ask about CBD’s safety, you can answer them with confidence, and direct them to some awesome CBD products for them to try. And, of course, check out our CBD bath product packages for your own distribution business!


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